Groundhogs Day

 The legend of the February groundhog represents the near end of animal hibernation and the soon to begin spring. The myth states that the groundhog comes out of his hole after hibernation, if he sees his shadow (it’s a sunny day) then he views it as an omen of six more winter weeks and returns to his lair for more sleep. If the rodent doesn’t view the shadow (it’s a cloudy day) then he sees it as a sign of spring and stays atop the ground.

The Origin in America

German immigrants were the initial settlers in Pennsylvania, which has an abundant number of groundhogs in the state. They saw the American groundhog being very similar to the European hedgehog, which was revered as an intelligent animal, so wise that the return to it hibernation home meant another six weeks of winter was forthcoming.

Punxsutawney Phil

Punxsutawney Phil

Punxsutawney Phil

Punxsutawney is a town in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, northeast of Pittsburgh. Its most famous resident is Punxsutawney Phil, a groundhog that, on February 2nd, rises from his home on Gobbler’s Knob, located just southeast of town, to make the annual prediction. Punxsutawney Phil became an international celebrity thanks to the 1993 movie Groundhog Day, starring comedian Bill Murray.

Every year, thousands of people gather in Punxsutawney for the celebration. Regardless of the forecast from Phil, the masses celebrate the soon to end winter and beginning of spring.

Gobblers Knob

Gobblers Knob

Here at Heritage Custom Signs & Displays, we celebrate Groundhogs Day by encouraging all employees to reflect on their recent winter and envision the upcoming spring. As we have grown, so have our team, we see the near future as more opportunity to grow our company and serve our customers.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Custom Signs

Culture of Health

The National Academy of Medicine hosted a community art show as part of its Culture of Health program. Heritage project coordinator Jerry Hyatt was thrilled to work with Kyra Cappelucci and Laura DeStefano on their custom meter boards

“Heritage is great to work with. The meter boards came out beautifully.” Kyra Cappelucci with NAM “Jerry has a great personality and I trusted him completely in getting everything done on time.”

The NAM called on artists from around the nation to showcase what health equity look, sounds, and feels like to them. The selected artwork was printed and displayed throughout a full-day meeting and an evening reception which celebrated the selected artists. The artwork will be turned into a long-term exhibition in 2018.

“Kyra and Laura are very organized and responsive, they are the perfect client!” Jerry Hyatt w/ Heritage “Their professionalism is unmatched.”

The Culture of Health program is a multiyear collaborative effort to identify strategies that support equitable health for all Americans and is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Learn more at

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Custom Signs

2017 Breakout year for Heritage Printing

40th Anniversary

January marked the 40th year Heritage has been in the printing business. Heritage was established in 1977 in the Gass family garage in Leonardtown, Maryland by Allen and Margaret as Gass Printing Service. In 1988, following six years of service in the United States Navy, their son Joe, along with his brother Steve, purchased the company and re-branded it as Heritage Printing & Graphics.

In 2017, Heritage expanded the business to include their sister company, Heritage Custom Signs & Displays located in Charlotte, NC and Waldorf, MD. Heritage serves local and national customers with commercial printing and wide format custom signage.

Best of Show

Heritage Printing joined PICA in 2008. The PICA Foundation was formed as a charitable organization to promote education in the printing industry in North and South Carolina. In 2008, Heritage began submitting projects and winning awards at the annual banquet. The 2017 PICA awards banquet marked Heritage with over 40 awards, including the Mac Papers Best of Show.

The PICA Awards attracted more than 670 entries from 53 printing companies, along with more than 170 entries from 7 graphic arts high schools and 6 college graphic arts programs from across the Carolinas.

Heritage Printing & Graphics, Inc. won 30 Best of Category Awards, 12 Special Judges Awards and 3 Awards of Excellence. Only one “Best of” may be given in each category. One or more Special Judges Award or Award of Excellence may be given in each category, limited to no more than one third of total entries per category. Heritage Printing & Graphics, Inc. also won the Gutenberg Award, Domtar Best Printer’s Self Promotion, Lindenmeyr Munroe Best Presentation Kit, Xerox Best Printing Division A (1 to 9 Employees) & the Mac Papers Best of Show award.

The “Bennies”

The Printing Industry of America (PIA) has announced that Heritage Printing & Graphics, Inc. of Charlotte, NC & Waldorf, MD is an award winner in the 2017 PIA Awards Competition, winning three “Bennies” and four Certificates of Merit.

The announcement was made September 10, 2017, during the Print 17 Awards Banquet in Chicago, Illinois, with more than 300 industry professionals in attendance. The PIA Awards competition is a national competition with numerous countries represented, including: United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and Mexico.

The Benjamin Franklin trophy, aka “Bennie” is awarded to the individual printing category winners. A panel of judges with extensive experience in printing and print production was brought in to examine the submitted work. Each entry was judged on its own merit in a category with similar printed pieces. The judging criteria included: registration, crossovers, clarity and neatness, sharpness of halftones and line drawings, richness and tonal qualities of color, paper and ink selection, ink coverage, difficulty of printing, effective contrast or softness, finishing, bindery, and overall visual impact.

Open House

Heritage and the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce joined to celebrate the newly renovated facility in Charlotte. The expansion over doubled the footprint of Heritage and provided their wide format division to upgrade numerous printing and processing equipment and add many new staff members to Heritage Custom Signs.

Heritage Custom Signs, a division of Heritage Printing & Graphics, is purposely located close to a USPS hub, major logistics providers, and the Charlotte International Airport for expedited logistics. Heritage can manufacture signs, banners and displays and easily ship to 30 east coast states within two days and overnight to almost any location in the world. The renovated production facility is over 14,000sf of sign manufacturing excellence!

We recently entertained the Charlotte Chamber President, Bob Morgan at our revamped facility. Here is their memo and the video from the tour:

“When Joe Gass and team opened their first Charlotte production facility in 2009, they had no idea how quickly they would grow from a small “mom and pop shop” to an award-winning business that now occupies close to 10,000 square feet near Charlotte’s bustling airport. Chamber CEO and President Bob Morgan took a tour to see the transformation firsthand.”

About Heritage Printing

Heritage Printing & Graphics is a Veteran owned and operated commercial printing and event signage company with an outstanding reputation for producing high quality products with exceptional customer service.


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing